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Frequently Asked Questions

The entire Skingenix product range is designed to start working right away. You can start to see differences in as little as 3 weeks —and you will notice even more dramatic results after three months, with results usually maximizing after 6 months of use.

 Most of the skingenix products are intended to be applied twice daily. Our detox products are only intended to be used once daily at night or whenever is right for you

Most of our products are designed to be used once-twice daily and last the entire month. Some products are intended for evening and night use, but everything should last around a month.

Absolutely! Your order is completely safe. We take privacy very seriously. We use several advanced security measures to maintain the safety and security of your personal information at every stage.

Even so, if you’d prefer to call in your order and speak directly with one of our live customer service representatives, we welcome your call,  toll-free, at 888-729-5008. Be sure to ask for the special internet offer pricing.

Can I use Skingenix with other beauty Products?
A7: Yes! Our formulas work well with any skincare regimen, but don’t be alarmed if you find you no longer need other “anti-aging” products. We suggest waiting until Skingenix has been fully absorbed and dried before using other products. Also we recommend safety patch testing any additional products on the inside of your arm prior to facial or affected area.

We know how exciting it is to start Skingenix. You want to experience this amazing transformation for yourself. For that reason, our shipping department works relentlessly to get your order safely and securely pulled, packaged, and shipped ASAP following the latest CDC and GMP guidelines.  Most orders leave our facility within 24 hours to be expediently delivered by USPS.

Enough to cover the affected area.

Never. We love animals and are committed to remaining cruelty-free. Not even our ingredients suppliers do animal testing.

The vast majority of customers prefer the 5-pack because it offers the best value. We’re happy to discount those as we save a lot on the processing and packaging of individual units.

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